Gingerbread House Melt Pot



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This festive favourite will bring childhood memories alive with heart notes of homemade gingerbread, cinnamon and cloves and base notes of caramel, cookies and musk. This is based on 1 pot. They’re large and will require cutting into 3-4 pieces depending on your burner size.

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All of our wax melt products are handmade using a unique high quality blend of natural soy wax and they are highly scented, so get ready for compliments on how amazing your house smells! We use the percentage legally permitted for our melts and we’re Vegan Friendly & Cruelty free.

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Do not consume, please keep away from children and animals. Safety Data Sheets available upon request.

You can use an electric burner or tea light burner with Dorset Scents melt products.

All our products are lovingly hand poured in Dorset and homemade. Colours and appearance may vary slightly from pictures.


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